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Richard Bégin – Le Domaine

Richard Bégin – Le Domaine : October 2020

Digital and Cassette – Bandcamp

Le Domaine offers a series of soundscapes built from an assemblage of composite recordings. First, there are field recordings made using various technological devices, apparatus and media (voice recorder, tape recorder, digital recorder, etc.), all chosen for their sonic qualities.

The objective is to draw links between the technical constraints of a device (its operation, shape, weight, etc.) and the acoustical particularities of the resulting sons fixés. Then, these recordings are transformed, cut and combined with sonic materials sampled from a multitude of composite sound sources (magnetic tapes, broadcast radio, DIY instruments, vinyl records, VHS movies, musical CDs, etc.).

Taking its roots in the experimental tradition of acousmatic composition, Le Domaine does not work exclusively on the manipulation of recorded sonorities. Instead, it explores the ecology constructed from a mediated perception of acoustical phenomenons ; a perception made up of ambiance, rhythm, consistency and texture. This ecological exploration is crystallized here in the form of “figures,” each of which, as a molding, exposes the traces of a sonic environment whose atmosphere reveals the acoustic complexity of a medial ecosystem.


released October 15, 2020

Music by Richard Bégin
Mastering by Dominic Thibault
Artwork by Stephen Harvey

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Dominic Thibault – VCS3

Buy digital from Bandcamp

Dominic Thibault returns to The Silent Howl with his most minimal album to date. Here he presents a series of contrived musical moments solely constructed with the EMS VCS3 synthesiser. Meditative, synthetic soundscapes afforded by the chaotic beauty of this mythical instrument.

Thibault’s effort to render such minimal sonic sculptures was made possible by a fruitful collaboration with multidisciplinary artist Ryoko Akama. As the acting producer for this record, Akama guided Thibault to hitherto unknown terrain, improvising around and focusing within each musical gesture, accepting the sonic result as it stands; the revelation of the micro-sounds.

This record takes shape around five monochromatic pieces: mirror, thunder, static, fire & rumble. It is available in digital format on multiple distribution platforms. In addition, a limited series of laser-etched acrylic panels representing the VCS3 matrix (pictured above) are published alongside this record.


released January 19, 2018

Music by Dominic Thibault
Produced by Ryoko Akama
Artwork and acrylic panel design by Stephen Harvey

The album was composed in the studios of the University of Huddersfield. Thank you for the lovely synths!

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